8th International Workshop on LII


Laser-induced incandescence (LII) has become a mature diagnostics to characterize soot particles in combustion and exhaust gases. However, some sub-processes are still lacking detailed understanding, new questions pop up, new application fields appear, or applicability limits are to be extended. The workshop shall stimulate discussion between experts on the field, and encourage newcomers to interact with those carrying long expertise both experimentally and theoretically. The bi-annual workshop follows the tradition of previous workshops:

The upcoming workshop is scheduled for 10-13 June 2018 in the “Evangelische Akademie Tutzing”, south of Munich in southern Germany. This website shall be populated with further detail in near future, as available. Local organizing committee:

  • Stefan Will (mailto: stefan.will@fau.de)
  • Klaus Peter Geigle (mailto: klauspeter.geigle@dlr.de)
  • Franz Huber (mailto: franz.huber@fau.de)

Additional Information: